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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anniversary Gifts That Are Worth Remembering

Love is in the air. It is pretty amazing how love works between two people or perhaps to all the people. It can create change, a difference, can build families and it can bring bundles of joy to a certain individual. Love is the strongest feeling here on earth. Just imagine how the world would be if love is not shared or if love is not felt. People will definitely look like zombies just walking around having no feelings.

It must have been a very great achievement for those individuals who have taken their love to the highest peak. It is such an envy how couples have managed to be in love and to always stay in love with their partners. There are some couples who have lost their fate in love and thus have not been successful in maintaining a happy relationship. It is sad to know that even married couples part ways after finding out that there are affairs or third parties. This can be very traumatizing to both individuals and it will be difficult for them to move on and recover from the loss.

Keeping a relationship strong and everlasting is such a difficult task. It is just like taking care of the most powerful stun gun, you have to handle it with care, treasure it and value its importance. If you want to keep it for a long time the relationship standing strong, you must constantly give to your partners a love that is truly pure and everlasting. If you want to reach so many more miles of unending happiness with your partners, better remain faithful and be loyal to each other.

Hardwork and undying love must have been the key for those individuals who were able to reach golden anniversaries. As observed with most couples right now, they could hardly even reach the maximum of three years. And it is sad to know that they end up getting a divorce if things could no longer be patched up. There are plenty of reasons why some relationships do not last for long. There are much better plans waiting for those who have failed in their relationships.

Would it not be very nice to receive something as couples celebrate their anniversaries? Anniversary gifts are not only for couples but they can also be given as a remembrance to a new found friend or perhaps to a business partner for a splendid year of partnership. There are these traditional anniversary gifts and even flowers but you can choose to be creative and be very unique and different.

According to tradition, on the first year of anniversary, the most common gift to be given is paper made. Instead of giving of paper made stuff, you can choose to give a pink stun gun for the protection of your precious girl. Be practical and choose gifts that can be very useful and worth remembering. It is not really necessary to follow the traditional anniversary gifts. You can interchange them if you like. Precious diamonds and other jewelries can be given any year.

Whether it is a golden celebration, bronze or platinum, following the specific anniversary gifts is not really a must. Be different and try giving gifts that both of you will forever cherish. Even so, giving of gifts might not be necessary at all if you are practical and a budget wise person. You can still make the anniversary worth remembering through exerting effort in making the day worth remembering.

Sometimes you have to take drastic measures to get yourself writing!

It’s early morning. Or perhaps it’s late at night. Heck maybe it’s even in the middle of the day. Whatever time it is in your part of the world, it’s your time to write. You’ve made a pot of coffee, cleared up your emails, tweeted about your latest article and now you are ready to write. So you sit in your chair, look at your computer, open up a blank text page and then … nothing.

So you readjust your chair, take a sip of coffee, tell the kids to turn the TV down, look at your monitor and again … nothing. Nothing’s coming. No great ideas. No words. Nothing. Now what?

Writers’ Block, or just a plain old lack of mental motivation, is one of the most frustrating conditions to overcome for an Expert Author. If not treated immediately, this “condition” can quickly degenerate into a general lack of motivation and focus that could torpedo your article production capability for the rest of the day – or longer – and that’s dangerous, especially when you make all or part of your living as a writer!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BOringNyer Ari Nie...

Salam sumanya....boringnyer rsa ari nie...xtau nk wtpe...Tetiba jk aku rsa nk menulis semula...Tapi xtau nk tulis pe...Gaji pn xkua lg, aduhai cmne nk hdp ea?? Skang nie nk hdp sumanya perlukan duit...xde duit xlh hdp..klu nk ade wit kne kje...xde kje cmne nk bg wit..Issshh222... blik2 ayt nya bnda yg sma gk..Ntah r..Duk makmal srg2 boring gk. Aku sbnrnya da rncg nk wt prgrm tk dak2 nie, tp disebabkan misunderstanding ngn guru-guru so xjd r prgrm yg aku nk wt nie..cmne r blh jd cmnie, klu dorg xnk aja anta jk r kt aku, at least ade gk prgrm aku cti sklh nie. Nk wt prgrm sumanya xnk..alasan bdk2 nk pksa r..klas drjh khas r..sekolh agama r..adoi cmne nk mju cmnie..ntahlah..pkrn org len2..What ever...Nothing To Say....
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